lnformation for Parents

Available from 24th September 2015

Dear parents,

at about age 3, children enter the “magical phase.” This is when witches, fairies, and monsters transform into real beings in their imaginations. It’s not unusual for a monster under the bed to disturb your kids’ sleep. Unfortunately, just reassuring your child there’s nothing there doesn’t always make the monster disappear from their room. The children’s book app “Shoo Monster,” developed by Edulingu Apps, helps kids handle these normal fears. The app uses your child’s imagination, encouraging them to take charge of their monster defense system.


Story mode

Illustrated story with full sound. 7 pages to read aloud or alone, as well as interactive elements on every page. Available animations and sequences are displayed as a toolbar on the top of your screen. (see picture)

2015-09-12 17 08 34.png

Animations you’ve already used are displayed on the toolbar in color.



Puzzle mode

All 7 illustrations from the story can be turned into jigsaw puzzles with two different levels of difficulty – 6 or 12 pieces. This mode also includes a picture gallery where your child can look at all the pictures from the story. The gallery is great for creating your own version of the story.



Language options

Choose from the following languages: German, English, Polish, and Spanish. Of course, you can also use a foreign language to help your child learn while they play.

Have fun monster hunting!